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How Email Marketing is Changing with Apple’s Privacy Update

Apple has just recently started rolling out their latest iOS 15 software update. This update includes new privacy features, including one called Mail Privacy Protection. This particular update is great for those wanting more email privacy as a consumer. But for business owners and digital marketers, it's likely to impact your email marketing efforts.

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Brian Koenig

25 October 2016

How Dental Video Marketing Tells Your Story

More and more dentists are using the Internet to grow their patient roster. But building a robust online presence – that actually produces results – can be challenging. Your website must stand out from the countless other dental websites on the Internet.

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Brian Koenig

20 October 2016

Google AdWords Express for Dentists: The Pros and Cons

You want to take a stab at online advertising, but you’re unsure whether to outsource it or do it yourself. This is a common concern. You might believe there are benefits in online advertising, but you don’t have the time or know-how to get started.

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Brian Koenig

12 October 2016

Smile Marketing WebinSite | October 2016

In the October 2016 WebinSite, we will be introducing exciting new updates to the blog layout. In addition, learn about important changes to Google’s local algorithm as well as a new feature regarding online reviews.

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Brian Koenig

19 September 2016

10 Reasons Your Dental Website Needs a Blog

Your dental blog is an online marketing tool that can boost the new patient performance of your website. It’s a channel to nurture patient relationships, while attracting prospective new patients by educating them about oral health.

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Brian Koenig

2 September 2016

7 Dental SEO Myths to Throw Out in 2016

Maybe your search engine optimization (SEO) efforts haven’t yielded results. Maybe you’ve been burned in the past by questionable SEO campaigns. Either way, you might need to start fresh with a new strategy.

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Brian Koenig

18 August 2016

The Link Between Dental SEO and Website Content

Content creation and search engine optimization (SEO) used to be separate disciplines. But today, they go hand in hand. Now, it’s difficult to practice one effectively without at least some knowledge of the other.

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