Social Media for Dentists

Tap into the power of top social media platforms to create a friendly online community centered around your practice.

  • Connect with existing patients to improve retention and referrals through interactive and educational content.
  • Attract new patients by showcasing your services, patient success stories, and practice personality.

Discover how our social media strategies can elevate your practice's online presence, transforming clicks and "likes" into lasting patient relationships.

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Understanding the Buzz

Dentists often ask, "Is social media really necessary?" or "Do I need a website if I have a Facebook page for my practice?"

The answer to both is a definitive "Yes".

Social media is a vital online component that complements other key elements like your website, reviews, and SEO, which collectively work together to attract & retain patients!

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Our Strategy

We focus on the impact social media marketing can have on patient loyalty.
By using social media to connect and engage with your existing patients, you can enhance patient retention and naturally generate more new patient referrals for your practice.


Social Media Content Service for Dentists

The most challenging aspect of social media isn't the posting – it's creating shareable, engaging content that resonates with your patients regularly. That's where our social media content service, Get Social, steps in.

With Get Social, you get seven new and engaging posts each week for your social media platforms, plus additional tips and ideas for dentists who want to go the extra mile!

You also get access to a library of almost 2,000 pre-made dental posts you can use at any time. The cherry on top? You can schedule the posts to Facebook and Instagram right from the library, which means no logging in and out to manually post on various platforms.
About Get Social

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Facebook & Instagram Ads

Facebook and Instagram ads allow you to reach people living & working nearby who may need dental treatment, and lead them directly to your website to learn more. When done right, they can be a highly cost-effective medium to drive new patient leads to your practice.
About Facebook Ads

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Social Media Branding

As your Facebook page and other social media profiles work alongside your internet marketing efforts, including your website, maintaining consistent branding is crucial.
We ensure your social media branding is visually appealing and matches your overall practice identity, enhancing credibility, fostering trust, and promoting social engagement.

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