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The Strategy Helping Australian Dental Practices Boost Earnings By $1M Or More

Picture this: A patient enters your dental clinic, desperately in need of treatment. There’s just one obstacle – the cost. For many patients, their ability to afford dental treatment can be the number one barrier to them proceeding. This financial challenge often leads to postponed or declined treatments, affecting both your patient's health and the […]

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Marcus Biggs

12 October 2016

Smile Marketing WebinSite | October 2016

In the October 2016 WebinSite, we will be introducing exciting new updates to the blog layout. In addition, learn about important changes to Google’s local algorithm as well as a new feature regarding online reviews.

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Marcus Biggs

2 September 2016

7 Dental SEO Myths to Throw Out in 2016

Maybe your search engine optimization (SEO) efforts haven’t yielded results. Maybe you’ve been burned in the past by questionable SEO campaigns. Either way, you might need to start fresh with a new strategy.

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Marcus Biggs

18 August 2016

The Link Between Dental SEO and Website Content

Content creation and search engine optimization (SEO) used to be separate disciplines. But today, they go hand in hand. Now, it’s difficult to practice one effectively without at least some knowledge of the other.

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Marcus Biggs

16 August 2016

Top 5 Online Dental Marketing Services

Most dental marketing services take a narrow approach to marketing. Meaning, they focus only on one dental marketing initiative rather than an integrated solution.

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Marcus Biggs

9 August 2016

How Dental Email Marketing Keeps Your Schedule Full

Most patients have selective memories when it comes to visiting the dentist every six months. For many, it’s not a priority. For your practice, however, it’s a huge priority. Because securing new patients isn’t your only focus.

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Marcus Biggs

4 August 2016

Smile Marketing WebinSite | August 2016

We’re always looking to improve the Smile Marketing service. This often involves updating existing features to ensure they are as user-friendly as possible. Learn about these new enhancements in our August 2016 WebinSite!

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