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Recipe for Success: Dental Facebook Ads that Work

Have you ever considered advertising your practice on Facebook? When done properly, Facebook ads can be an effective tool for generating new dental patients. But what's the secret to creating successful ads? Our in-house Facebook Ads team shares the recipe for success...

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Brian Koenig

22 November 2016

Did Your Dental Website Get Penalized By Google?

You’ve worked tirelessly to gain visibility in the search engines. Or, you’ve doled out hundreds, maybe thousands, of dollars anticipating a rise to the top of the search results. And then, poof, your website disappeared from Google.

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Brian Koenig

17 November 2016

Are You Getting the Dental Website Service You Deserve?

Have you entrusted your practice to a company that is unresponsive and unwilling to keep your website current? Unfortunately, many dental website companies consider themselves finished as soon as a website goes live.

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Brian Koenig

8 November 2016

Smile Marketing WebinSite | November 2016

The October 2016 PPC Hero Conference Investing in employee education is an essential part of improving the Smile Marketing website service. That’s why we recently sent Paid Traffic Specialist Lindsay Casey to the October 2016 Hero Conference in London. The world’s largest pay-per-click (PPC) conference series, Lindsay gained insight into how to improve our clients’ Facebook […]

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Brian Koenig

2 November 2016

Complete Guide To Local Dental Practice SEO in 2020

Google is the number-one source of website traffic. It’s also the number-one source of new patients. But only if your website is effectively optimized for search engines. Search engine optimization (SEO) is crucial to improving your online visibility.

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Brian Koenig

25 October 2016

How Dental Video Marketing Tells Your Story

More and more dentists are using the Internet to grow their patient roster. But building a robust online presence – that actually produces results – can be challenging. Your website must stand out from the countless other dental websites on the Internet.

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Brian Koenig

20 October 2016

Google AdWords Express for Dentists: The Pros and Cons

You want to take a stab at online advertising, but you’re unsure whether to outsource it or do it yourself. This is a common concern. You might believe there are benefits in online advertising, but you don’t have the time or know-how to get started.

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