High-Converting Website

A high-converting dental website needs to look great, be easy to navigate, and have engaging content with clear calls-to-action, if you want to attract a steady flow of new patients to your practice.


What Is A High-Converting Website?

It’s one that grabs the attention of your ideal patient and effectively answers the question: "Are you the dentist for me?"

Our Strategy

At Smile Marketing, we blend stylish design with effective conversion elements to create a website that's distinctly yours. Our unique approach results in a site that mirrors your practice's character and appeals to your target patients. All Smile Marketing websites have a few critical factors in common to ensure high conversion rates:

Responsive Design

With over 55% of online searches happening on mobile devices, a responsive website is crucial. It’s not just about user-friendliness; Google favors mobile-optimized sites in search rankings.

What is a Responsive Website?
A responsive website automatically adapts to the device it’s viewed on (i.e. mobile, tablet or desktop), ensuring optimal layout, imagery, content, and navigation for a seamless user experience across all screens & devices.

Professionally Written
Custom Content

While it’s the design that catches the eye, it's the content that keeps potential patients scrolling to find out more, and ultimately choose you as their new dentist. It’s the reason we invest so much time and energy into creating unique and compelling custom dental content for your website.

One of the things that makes the Smile Marketing website service unique is our content interview process. Through a 60-minute telephone interview, we delve into what makes you and your practice special. Our professional copywriting team then turns that interview into engaging content that explains clearly to your prospective patients why you’re the right dental practice for them.


Important Components
of a High-Converting Website

From your logo to professional photography of your practice, there are multiple components
that come together to create a successful dental website.

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