Professional Photography

A proven yet underrated factor in converting more website visitors into new patients, professional photos take your dental website to the next level.



There are three top reasons why professional photography is so important for your dental website:

Personal Connection with Patients

High-quality photography of you, your team, and your practice instantly brings a personal touch to your website. The photos allow potential patients to visualize themselves in your care, fostering a sense of familiarity before they even set foot in your practice.

Stand Out with Authenticity

In a sea of generic stock images, real photos of your actual team and office immediately stand out. They showcase the genuine atmosphere of your practice which helps to connect to patients at a more emotional level, creating a feeling of trust.

Alleviates Anxiety

For the many patients that feel a sense of apprehension around dental care, professional photos of your welcoming environment and friendly staff can help alleviate some anxiety and put people at ease.

Stand Out With Smile Marketing:

At Smile Marketing, we go the extra mile to make your dental practice stand out. Our Premium and Ultimate plans include a professional 60-90 minute photoshoot conducted in your practice. This brings a professional edge to your website, highlighting the best of your practice. And if you're on our Essential Plan, you can add on a photoshoot as an optional extra. We'll make sure your practice isn't just seen, it's remembered, with stunning, professional imagery designed to attract more patients.

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