Email Marketing
For Dentists

Email campaigns can be an incredibly cost-effective way to increase patient retention, drive referrals, reactive inactive patients, and promote specific dental services. With our easy-to-use email console, complete with pre-written email campaigns and AI email writing assistant, we make it simple to implement an email marketing strategy for your practice.


dental email on phone

AI email assistant

A Fully Integrated Email Marketing Console

Your website includes a fully integrated email marketing console with pre-written email templates, allowing you to effortlessly conduct targeted email campaigns. Leverage the value of your existing patient database with ongoing oral health tips, practice updates, holiday greetings, and exclusive dental service offers.

Additionally, on our Premium and Ultimate Plans our professional copywriters can create 100% custom email campaigns, or you can utilize the easy-to-use AI email writer to drive specific patient outcomes.

The Power Of Email

Email marketing helps create an ongoing connection with your patients between appointments, keeping them engaged and informed about their oral health, and keeping your practice top-of-mind. This strategy not only encourages regular dental check-ups, but also boosts patient reactivation and increases referrals.


When you add a new patient as a subscriber to your website, they can automatically
receive the following selection of branded emails from your practice:

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