Instagram & Facebook Ads for Dentists

Facebook Advertising for Chiropractors

Instagram & Facebook Ads for Dentists

With its unique ability to target specific user demographics, advertising with Facebook is one of the most cost-effective ways to put ads for your dental practice in front of potential patients. The world’s most popular social network couples user interests and location to display an ad for your practice directly onto the newsfeed of those who may need dental treatment near you.

Imagine being able to reach new patients on a platform they know, trust, and are already spending their time on.

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What We Do

what-we-do2At Smile Marketing, our passionate marketing specialists help dentists across the globe get new patients from the Internet. We sync each of your online marketing efforts to work in harmony, attracting more new patients to your practice.

Outlined below are three reasons why partnering with Smile Marketing for your dental Facebook advertising is the smart choice:

1. Consolidated Marketing Approach

We create a Facebook advertising strategy for dentists that complements your website’s organic SEO plan to ensure optimal new patient reach.

2. Landing Pages Built to Convert

A custom-landing page designed to convert new traffic will engage visitors from your advertising campaigns.

3. Unique Dental Content

Our team of professional writers understands the best practices for crafting engaging content designed to turn visitors into patients.

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How Facebook Ads For Dentists Work

Facebook offers two forms of advertising: boosted posts and ad campaigns.

A Facebook ad campaign allows you to specifically target individuals in your jurisdiction or neighboring area who may be in need of a new dentist. Pediatric dentist? You can set your target audience to moms and dads. Screening patients for oral cancer? Facebook let’s you target users by age. With budget flexibility, you can run a campaign for just one day, or as long as you’d like.

When a user clicks on your ad, they’ll be directed to your dental website (see image below).


Here are more of the audience targeting options available within Facebook:

  • Basic Demographics: choose the location, age, gender, and language of the audience you wish to target.
  • Interests: choose specific interests that may be important to your target audience. These are determined by what people are connected to on Facebook.
  • Behaviors and Other Categories: choose an audience based on purchase behaviors, income, device usage, and more. (Note: some data is only available to advertisers in the U.S.)
  • Connections: select your audience based on whether or not they're connected to your page. Anyone who has a friend connected to your page will see your ad, with their friend included (ex: "John Smith likes this page" will appear above your ad).
  • Custom Audience: use email addresses, phone numbers, or Facebook user ID's to create and save custom audiences.

Unlike an ad campaign, a boosted post “boosts” a status update on your practice’s Facebook page to make sure it’s viewed by your fans and friends of fans. Boosting a post is often a good idea when you’d like to promote a special to existing patients. It costs just a minimum of $1 to run any Facebook ad for a single day, but with a bigger following, a “boost” of $5 – $50 may be the best idea to make sure everyone sees it.

Facebook offers a variety of advertising options that can help solidify brand identity for your dental practice.

The Modern Day, Cost-Effective Postcard

Advertising with Facebook gives you the opportunity to reach users who were not decidedly searching for your practice, but fit inside the demographic you choose to target. Facebook advertising for new patient acquisition is like the modern day, cost-effective postcard ad. Not everyone who sees it will be interested, but you can reach a lot of people at once and it's much more budget-friendly than direct mail.

Facebook also allows you to reach new and existing patients at the same time, giving room to focus not only on acquiring new patients, but patient retention as well.

Three Packages to Meet Your Needs


Facebook Ads promotional campaign designed to drive users to your website to claim a special offer PLUS retargeting.

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Bronze package PLUS a "likes" campaign to build your Facebook page following.

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Silver package PLUS custom audience targeting to market to your patient database via Facebook.

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