Dental Practice Newsletters

A monthly dental health and wellness newsletter lets you keep in regular contact with your patients, keeping your practice top-of-mind. Inform, educate and entertain patients each month with engaging articles written for you by professional dental copywriters, and branded to your practice.


Why Send A Practice Newsletter?

Ask any seasoned dental marketer about the effectiveness of practice newsletters, and you'll likely receive affirmative feedback: they're impactful. These newsletters are a powerful tool to:

  • Educate patients with relevant dental health and wellness information
  • Re-engage patients with this regular email touchpoint
  • Keep your practice in the forefront with consistent communication

But creating dental newsletters is time-consuming, which is why so many dental practices fail to leverage this cost-effective marketing strategy.

That’s why we take care of crafting your monthly practice newsletter for you, ensuring it’s informative and engaging, and then send it to your patients on your behalf (you get to review beforehand of course). This means your patients are regularly engaged with helpful and informative content from your practice, keeping you a step ahead of your competitors.

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