Dental Website SEO Simplified

There are a lot of misconceptions out there surrounding Search Engine Optimization (SEO), many of which are propagated by SEO consultants looking to charge high fees for questionable practices.

SEO for dentistsWhen it comes down to it, SEO is not a secret, something that only a select few know, therefore justifying exorbitant fees. How to effectively optimize a website is well known in the online marketing industry.

At Smile Marketing, our SEO specialists optimize your dental practice website and your overall online presence using local SEO best practices to make you findable online. Rest assured that we rely entirely on “white hat” techniques recommended by Google, assuring lasting value into the future as their algorithm continues to evolve.


Great Dental SEO Starts with Great Content

The foundation of effective SEO is well-written persuasive content. Content is what will engage visitors and get them to stay on your site long enough to determine if they want to schedule an appointment. Google and the other search engines analyze what your website visitors do on your site, things such as:

  • How quickly they leave your site after clicking onto it
  • How many pages they visit
  • The amount of time spent on the site
  • Whether or not they watch your videos or click on links
  • If they are a new or returning visitor

These factors, largely fueled by the quality of the content on your website, help Google determine if and where your site should be shown in the search results. If your dental practice website is full of easy-to-browse content that engages visitors and encourages them to click through to other pages, Google will see that your site is one of authority, one that people enjoy and find useful, therefore, pushing it higher in appropriate search results.

This makes content the most solid foundation for any effective SEO plan. (Besides, what good is a high ranking if there’s nothing worth reading on your website?)

Which Online Channels Produce New Dental Patients?

You may find dental website SEO consultants who try to convince you that getting your website to rank in the #1 spot on Google is the be-all end-all. You can’t possibly get new patients without that coveted position.

Yes, ranking well in search results (for the right keywords) is important, but it most certainly is not the only source of new patients from the Internet. Here at Smile Marketing, we broaden our vision to ensure that your overall online presence, not just your website, is optimized for new patient production.

That means we constantly analyze which channels are producing the most new patients for your individual practice because each practice is different.

  • Directories – Directory listings can improve your overall citation profile and send quality traffic to your site
  • Review sites – Through our innovative New Patient Tracker technology, we can see which review sites are actually sending you new patients
  • Social media – A presence on the top social media sites can stimulate referrals and improve patient retention

Wouldn’t you rather hire a team that will focus on what’s best for you as opposed to what’s supposedly best for the majority?

Our main goal is clear: to generate new patients. And that’s why the amount of new patients coming through your door is our SEO indicator, not traffic or rankings.


“One Day We Just Disappeared…”

SEOUnfortunately, “We used to be at the top, but then one day we just disappeared” is something we here all too often from dentists. Many have spent thousands of dollars on search engine optimization that was not optimization at all, but an attempt to trick Google.

And guess what? Google caught on.

Aggressive link building campaigns where SEO’s secure links from overseas websites and link farms almost always backfire. And if they haven’t yet, they will because Google gets smarter everyday.

That’s why Smile Marketing’s world-class team provides our clients with SEO services geared toward lasting success. We both have professional reputations to protect, which is why we pursue legitimate, high-quality traffic that converts.


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