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How Email Marketing is Changing with Apple’s Privacy Update

Apple has just recently started rolling out their latest iOS 15 software update. This update includes new privacy features, including one called Mail Privacy Protection. This particular update is great for those wanting more email privacy as a consumer. But for business owners and digital marketers, it's likely to impact your email marketing efforts.

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Brian Koenig

16 August 2016

Top 5 Online Dental Marketing Services

Most dental marketing services take a narrow approach to marketing. Meaning, they focus only on one dental marketing initiative rather than an integrated solution.

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Brian Koenig

9 August 2016

How Dental Email Marketing Keeps Your Schedule Full

Most patients have selective memories when it comes to visiting the dentist every six months. For many, it’s not a priority. For your practice, however, it’s a huge priority. Because securing new patients isn’t your only focus.

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Brian Koenig

4 August 2016

Smile Marketing WebinSite | August 2016

We’re always looking to improve the Smile Marketing service. This often involves updating existing features to ensure they are as user-friendly as possible. Learn about these new enhancements in our August 2016 WebinSite!

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Brian Koenig

8 July 2016

The 3 Types of Dental Website Companies

Do you need a new website? Does your current site need a facelift? If you answered “yes” to one of these questions, you have to figure out the purpose of your new website – before you begin designing it.

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Brian Koenig

4 July 2016

Smile Marketing WebinSite | July 2016

In the July 2016 WebinSite, we will be discussing several new features with the Smile Marketing service, including updates to the email subscriber interface and Facebook integration for new patient surveys.

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Brian Koenig

24 June 2016

Dental PPC Produces New Patients Three Ways

You may be the best dentist in town. But if you’re invisible online, prospective patients are bound to choose one of your competitors. With more people than ever researching on the Internet, it’s critical that your practice website is visible in Google.

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