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Dental Newsletter Service For Your Patients

Today, any website worth having must include a dental newsletter for patients. Why? Because they work, engaging patients and creating top-of-mind awareness about you and your practice.

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Brian Koenig

8 July 2016

The 3 Types of Dental Website Companies

Do you need a new website? Does your current site need a facelift? If you answered “yes” to one of these questions, you have to figure out the purpose of your new website – before you begin designing it.

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Brian Koenig

4 July 2016

Smile Marketing WebinSite | July 2016

In the July 2016 WebinSite, we will be discussing several new features with the Smile Marketing service, including updates to the email subscriber interface and Facebook integration for new patient surveys.

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Brian Koenig

24 June 2016

Dental PPC Produces New Patients Three Ways

You may be the best dentist in town. But if you’re invisible online, prospective patients are bound to choose one of your competitors. With more people than ever researching on the Internet, it’s critical that your practice website is visible in Google.

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Brian Koenig

14 June 2016

Dental Advertising Comparison: Social Media or Traditional?

Imagine a promotional channel in which you can target the gender of a prospect, their age, and their proximity to your practice. Now imagine doing so at a very low cost. This is what social media advertising can do.

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Brian Koenig

9 June 2016

New Mobile Ranking Factor Coming Soon

At the recent Search Marketing Summit, it was confirmed that mobile load speed would be a factor in the next Google algorithm update. While page load speed was announced as a ranking factor back in 2010, mobile load speed was not. That’s about to change.

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Brian Koenig

3 June 2016

When it Comes to Dental Website Design, Less is More

Crafting a concise and persuasive message is more difficult than communicating everything on your mind. But as you plug more sentences into your copy and add more elements to your design, the more muddied your message becomes.

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