New Patient Survey

An innovative feature from Smile Marketing is our patient survey, designed specifically for dental clinics. As you add each new patient as a subscriber to your website, we automatically send a welcome email with a link to a quick and easy online survey.

New Patient Survey 2
Utilizing user-friendly survey technology, patients can quickly indicate their level of satisfaction on a range of customer service attributes with a simple click on a smiley face.This feedback is crucial.

It helps uncover areas for improvement and ensures that each new patient's first impression is outstanding, making them more likely to remain as patients and recommend others to your practice.

When patients respond positively and leave a brief “review,” we seek their permission to share their comments on your website. We also provide a straightforward way for them to post their feedback on major review sites like Google, Facebook, or Yelp.

As your dental practice accumulates more positive reviews, we can prominently display them on your website (in. These positive testimonials provide social proof, offer reassurance to prospective patients browsing your site.

The New Patient Survey is just one of many features we offer to help your dental practice attract and retain more patients.

New Patient Survey 3


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