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The Strategy Helping Australian Dental Practices Boost Earnings By $1M Or More

Picture this: A patient enters your dental clinic, desperately in need of treatment. There’s just one obstacle – the cost. For many patients, their ability to afford dental treatment can be the number one barrier to them proceeding. This financial challenge often leads to postponed or declined treatments, affecting both your patient's health and the […]

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Randi Grant

30 June 2015

Tweet Ideas for Your Dental Practice Twitter Account

Twitter can be a great way to increase engagement with your current patients, ultimately improving patient retention.

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Randi Grant

25 June 2015

The 5 Most Important Pages of Your Dental Website

The more unique, high-quality content your website has, the better in terms of search engine optimization

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Randi Grant

24 June 2015

Dental Logo Design Inspiration

Your dental practice logo is the most recognizable aspect of your practice branding.

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Randi Grant

19 June 2015

Does Your Dental Practice Have Social Proof?

It should come as no surprise that patients like to be referred to healthcare providers. There’s an inherent level of trust that comes along with a referral from a friend or family member. The referral is proof that the doctor is ok, proof that someone else had a good experience. So how do you build […]

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Randi Grant

18 June 2015

Dental Website Design Essential #4:
Contact Information

It might seem strange to consider contact information a website design element, but your contact info is so important that it must be deliberately placed within the design of your practice site. If you have a great dental website that has strong content and calls-to-action, your website visitors will want to contact your office. It’s […]

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Randi Grant

12 June 2015

How to Respond to Negative Dental Patient Reviews

Have you ever looked up a local restaurant on an online review site before trying it for the first time? In fact, over 85% of patients do online research before scheduling a doctor’s appointment. This makes managing your online reputation imperative because negative reviews can send a prospective patient away before they ever even get […]

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