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Why You Need a Careers Page on Your Dental Website (Even If You’re Not Hiring)

Hiring a top notch dental office team is crucial for attracting and retaining new dental patients, yet hiring talented staff is harder than ever. However, there are simple yet effective strategies that a dentist can use to stand out as a reliable, family-friendly employer to appeal to the right talent. It all begins with adding […]

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Marcus Biggs

10 July 2015

4 Easy Ways Your Office Staff Can Improve Your Dental Website

Have you ever wondered if there were any quick fixes for improving the performance of your dental website? Better yet, what if your office staff could do them for you?

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Randi Grant

2 July 2015

Pediatric Dental Website Design

Designing a website for a pediatric dental practice is unique in that the target audience is not the patient, but the parents of the patient.

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Randi Grant

30 June 2015

Tweet Ideas for Your Dental Practice Twitter Account

Twitter can be a great way to increase engagement with your current patients, ultimately improving patient retention.

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Randi Grant

25 June 2015

The 5 Most Important Pages of Your Dental Website

The more unique, high-quality content your website has, the better in terms of search engine optimization

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Randi Grant

24 June 2015

Dental Logo Design Inspiration

Your dental practice logo is the most recognizable aspect of your practice branding.

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Randi Grant

19 June 2015

Does Your Dental Practice Have Social Proof?

It should come as no surprise that patients like to be referred to healthcare providers. There’s an inherent level of trust that comes along with a referral from a friend or family member. The referral is proof that the doctor is ok, proof that someone else had a good experience. So how do you build […]

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