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5 Dental Newsletter Templates You Can Steal For Your Practice

To boost the value of your patients, getting them to make regular appointments and refer their friends, you must keep in touch with them. Implementing the right dental practice newsletter templates and emailing your patients regularly is an efficient, low-cost way to do so.

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Randi Grant

20 May 2015

Essential Components of Website Design: Calls-to-Action

Strategically placed CTA’s guide your visitors through your website and gently encourage them to take the action you want them to take—schedule an appointment.

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Randi Grant

12 May 2015

Why Did My Dental Practice Website Disappear from Google?

Have you ever heard the terms white hat and black hat? Understanding these key SEO terms could help you avoid Google penalties, or keep your practice site from being penalized again.

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Randi Grant

8 May 2015

7 Tips for Better Dental Practice Photographs

To attract the attention of your website visitors, investing in professional photographs of you, your staff, and your office is a wise investment in this digital, image-driven age.

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Randi Grant

5 May 2015

Does Your Website Content Confuse Google?

High quality content is critical to patient conversion rates. To truly make the most of your dental website, it’s important you understand the detrimental effects of duplicate content.

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High Five

Randi Grant

28 April 2015

Local Links for Qualified Dental Website Traffic

When it comes to online dental marketing, local links to your practice website pack a big punch. Links to your practice website show the search engines that your website has authority.

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Randi Grant

24 April 2015

How to Film Patient Testimonial Videos Yourself!

Patient testimonial videos, if allowed in your jurisdiction, are a fabulous way to show potential new patients first-hand that you have happy, healthy dental patients who are more than willing to rave about your skills.

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