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How to Get a Competitive Edge

You’ve probably heard the question, “What’s your unique selling proposition?”. In other words, why should a new patient choose you over your competitor? This is something every dentist should understand before planning their digital marketing strategy. If you don’t know the answer to this question, how is your marketing going to communicate it to prospective […]

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Randi Grant

18 March 2015

Benefits of Social Media Marketing for Dentists

We’re probably safe in assuming you are well aware of the craze that is social media. You probably even have a personal profile on some of the most popular sites, like Facebook and Twitter. But, are you utilizing these free sites to get new patients for your dental practice? If not, you should be and […]

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Randi Grant

10 March 2015

How to Get New Dental Patients with Local Search Engine Marketing

We all know the big search engines—Google and Bing—but did you know that each search engine has a local search function that can be instrumental in producing more qualified traffic to your dental practice website? What is a Local Search Engine? Local search engines are specialized databases of geographical information pertaining to local businesses within […]

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Randi Grant

3 March 2015

Maximize Your Presence on Doctor Review Sites

Online review sites have grown tremendously over the last few years and people are using them to make decisions about more than what restaurant to go to for dinner. Potential patients are placing an increasing amount of importance on online reviews when deciding which new dentist to see…Will they choose you? In addition to coming […]

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Dental Scholarship

Randi Grant

17 February 2015

Announcing Our 2015 Dental Student Scholarship!

Here at Smile Marketing, we understand the value of higher education and want to play a part in easing some of the financial burden that dental school places on students today. That is why we have developed a $1000 dental scholarship that we will award to one deserving dental student in 2015! The scholarship is […]

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Randi Grant

11 February 2015

Infographic: Effective Dental Internet Marketing

When it comes to marketing your dental practice online, there is much more to it than having a great website. While a dental website is necessary, it is just one component of creating a successful online marketing plan. The infographic below details the top 5 components necessary to optimize your presence on the Internet and […]

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Randi Grant

10 February 2015

What Your Dental Practice Website Says About You

Your dental practice website is your chance to make a great first impression on the scores of potential new patients scouring the web for a new dentist. This is your opportunity to convince these website visitors that your practice is the one for them. While there is a lot to consider when creating your website, […]

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