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The Cost of Being Generic: Why Authenticity is Your Best Dental Marketing Strategy

In today’s competitive dental market, it takes more than just offering top-notch dental care to stand out. It’s about authentically connecting with your ideal patients — those who resonate with your practice’s values and services. Your dental practice website is the cornerstone of this connection...

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Google Plus

Marcus Biggs

15 September 2015

Google Plus for Dentists: Gone for Good?

Back in June, Google Plus links started disappearing from Google, leading many to believe this was the beginning of the end for the social media platform that could never quite gain traction with users. Just a month after that, Google announced a big ‘pivot’ for the social network.

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Marcus Biggs

10 September 2015

More Reasons to Go Mobile with Your Dental Website Design

If your dental website design doesn’t intelligently adjust it’s formatting to display properly on various screen sizes, also known as a responsive or mobile friendly design, you could be losing new patients.

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Marcus Biggs

1 September 2015

What Every Dentist Should Know about Black Hat SEO

There are two types of SEO tactics used by companies worldwide: white hat optimization and black hat optimization. While all dental websites should aim to comply with white hat best practices, black hat techniques remain all too common.

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Marcus Biggs

27 August 2015

What You Need to Know About the Google Local Update

As soon as the Internet marketing world gets comfortable with the way things are, Google shakes it up. Google’s most recent update significantly effects how businesses are displayed in Google Maps local search results.

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Marcus Biggs

25 August 2015

What Makes a Great Dental Website Design?

Choosing to take your practice to the next level by building or redesigning your website can be both exciting and scary. On one hand, you’re opening yourself up to a world of potential new patients and the gratification of self expression by getting your website precisely the way you like it.

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Marcus Biggs

13 August 2015

3 Reasons You Need Patient Testimonial Videos

Patient testimonial videos are nothing new—but for many dentists, they aren’t yet a part of their regular marketing efforts. We’re here to tell you why, if allowed in your jurisdiction, they should be!

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