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The Importance of Social Media for Dentists in 2022

Social media marketing has become an increasingly popular way to engage and educate your patients. It’s more important now than ever before to have a strong social media presence. Especially in healthcare, patients are searching for dental practices on their socials to validate the practice, learn more about the doctor, and review their engagement. For […]

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sending dental newsletter

Brian Koenig

23 June 2021

5 Dental Newsletter Templates You Can Steal For Your Practice

To boost the value of your patients, getting them to make regular appointments and refer their friends, you must keep in touch with them. Implementing the right dental practice newsletter templates and emailing your patients regularly is an efficient, low-cost way to do so.

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Maria Diamond

25 March 2021

How to Get a Competitive Edge

You’ve probably heard the question, “What’s your unique selling proposition?”. In other words, why should a new patient choose you over your competitor?

This is something every dentist should understand before planning their digital marketing strategy.

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Randi Grant

5 October 2020

Dental Newsletter Service For Your Patients

Today, any website worth having must include a dental newsletter for patients. Why? Because they work, engaging patients and creating top-of-mind awareness about you and your practice.

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content writing

Randi Grant

1 October 2020

Dental Website Content that Produces New Patients

When a prospective new patient arrives at your Smile Marketing website, they want to know one thing: “Is this the dentist for me?” Our job is to help them say, “Yes!”

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Brian Koenig

1 October 2020

Why Google Ads are More Important for Dentists Than Ever Before

You may be noticing us talk a lot about Google Ads lately. Why? It’s not to “upsell” you. When you’re running Google Ads, most of the money you spend goes straight to Google for your ad budget.

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Randi Grant

29 September 2020

The Ultimate Guide to Dental SEO

Today's SEO is all about optimizing your dental practice website and your overall online presence using local SEO best practices to make you findable online. It is important to work with a dental SEO company that uses “white hat” techniques (those recommended by Google), assuring lasting value as the algorithm continues to evolve. Here’s a […]

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