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Mitigating Fear as Your Practice Reopens

Fear. Anxiety. Uncertainty. Words we’ve all been hearing and feeling a lot lately. Which is why it’s important to address an issue that many of you may be facing right now, and that is fear and anxiety in your patients and staff. As practices begin to reopen and restrictions are lifted, you may find that […]

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Brian Koenig

21 March 2017

How Online Dental Reviews Improve Your “Brand”

Any dentist can claim to be “the best.” But not every dentist can have a robust portfolio of five-star online reviews. When it comes to attracting strangers from the Internet, your online reputation could make or break you.

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Brian Koenig

14 March 2017

Google AdWords vs. Facebook Ads For Dentists

Some view Google AdWords and Facebook Ads in an adversarial way. But, in reality, they serve very different purposes. When it comes to advertising, Google and Facebook each have their own strengths and weaknesses.

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Brian Koenig

7 March 2017

How Much Does a Dental Website Cost?

When it comes to shopping for a new website, one of the first questions to surface is: How much will it cost me? In short, the cost of a dental website depends on your new patient goals and what you’re willing to invest to achieve them.

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Google Search

Brian Koenig

17 February 2017

Dental SEO Considerations For Multi-Location Practices

Running an effective online marketing campaign for a multi-location dental practice presents unique challenges that single-location practices don’t face. In this article, we will review one of the most important variables: local dental SEO.

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Brian Koenig

31 January 2017

Responding to Social Media Enquiries

In the February 2017 Perfect Patients WebinSite, we outline new updates in search marketing, advice on how to respond to enquiries through social media, and a roundup of the latest online marketing trends from January.

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Brian Koenig

25 January 2017

5 Dental Link Building Tactics For Local SEO

Domain authority is a deciding factor in determining where you rank on the search engines. Why? Because the authority of your domain indicates trust. And if you want to be rewarded by Google, you must show that you are trustworthy.

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