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Dentist and Patient
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Why Your Dental Service Pages Aren’t Ranking

For many dentists, their service pages aren’t getting the visibility they could be getting. They’re buried in Google’s search results – and, in turn, they’re missing out on a lot of new patients. Just because your homepage is ranking well doesn’t mean your pages on implants and cosmetic dentistry are doing the same. An effective […]

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SEO Penalty

Brian Koenig

17 July 2017

When to Fire Your Dental SEO Provider

When a prospective patient is looking for a dentist in your area, you’re nowhere to be found. You’ve outsourced your SEO to a third party, only to have your marketing budget ravaged with little or no result. You’ve come to a conclusion.

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PPC Click

Brian Koenig

26 June 2017

Dental SEO vs PPC: An Integrated Approach

Which is better: SEO or PPC? This is a question we’re often asked. Well, there’s no concrete answer. It largely depends on your new patient goals. Ideally, you marry the two to build a short- and long-term marketing strategy.

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Social Media Ads

Brian Koenig

5 May 2017

Sorry, Facebook Doesn’t Produce New Dental Patients

Social media. It’s hip. It’s cool. It’s a sexy marketing channel that’ll produce a flood of new patients for your practice. Right? Sorry, not going to happen. Sure, Facebook has a host of benefits. But there are many misconceptions about those benefits.

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Negative Reviews Blog

Brian Koenig

25 April 2017

3 Ways to Manage Your Online Dental Reputation

To build a loyal patient roster, you must have a sound reputation. To get new patients from the Internet, you must have a sound reputation. There’s no doubt. If you’re flooded with poor online feedback, prospective patients are turning to your competitors.

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Brian Koenig

19 April 2017

Dental Website Homepages That Convert

Where do most prospective patients find you? Typically, it’s your website. What’s the first page they visit on your site? Typically, it’s your homepage. Your dental website homepage is your first impression. It’s the reception room to your practice.

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Email Marketing

Brian Koenig

12 April 2017

8 Dental Email Marketing Tips For Conversion

You’ve written your email, scrutinised each sentence, and racked your brain for the best subject line. You click publish with a sigh of relief. Three days later, you peek at the stats. Your patients aren’t opening or clicking on your emails…

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