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Post Ideas for Your Dental Practice Facebook Page

Are you just getting started on Facebook and wondering what to post? Perhaps you’ve been on Facebook for a while, but are running out of ideas? Either way, we’ve got some ideas to help give your Facebook page a boost and to encourage your followers to engage. #1: Pose Questions People love to talk about […]

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Benefits of Social Media Marketing for Dentists

We’re probably safe in assuming you are well aware of the craze that is social media. You probably even have a personal profile on some of the most popular sites, like Facebook and Twitter. But, are you utilizing these free sites to get new patients for your dental practice? If not, you should be and […]

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Social Media and Your Dental Practice

We are all familiar with Facebook, Twitter, and the various other social media outlets consuming the free time of people around the world. You probably even have a Facebook profile yourself; maybe you share the occasional family photo on Instagram and send out a tweet every now and then. But are you doing these things […]

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