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Post Ideas for Your Dental Practice Facebook Page

Are you just getting started on Facebook and wondering what to post? Perhaps you’ve been on Facebook for a while, but are running out of ideas?

Either way, we’ve got some ideas to help give your Facebook page a boost and to encourage your followers to engage.

#1: Pose Questions

People love to talk about themselves. Pose questions to your followers about their oral health habits that encourage them to “like” or comment on the post.

Here’s an excellent example:

Facebook Post Ideas for Dentists

#2: Interesting Facts

If you come across an article, video, or fact that you think the average dental patient would find interesting or surprising, share it on your social media accounts. Look for things that pertain to your followers’ everyday lives and oral health, such as this post shared by the Academy of General Dentistry:

Social Media Posts for Dentists

#3: Be Positive

You’ll find a lot of people sharing motivational and inspirational quotes on social media. It’s hard to scroll past an uplifting quote in your Facebook feed without hitting “like,” making it a great way to encourage engagement.

Here is a great example:

Dentist Facebook Marketing

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What Not to Post:

Just as important as what to post, is what not to post. There are some things that you should avoid on your practice Facebook page, such as:

  • Graphic pictures of dental cases
    While you may find photos of your extreme cases interesting, your patients will find it off-putting. When in doubt, don’t post it.
  • Pictures of dental equipment
    This can be a source of anxiety for many patients. There’s no better way to discourage a patient from scheduling an appointment than by posting a picture of the scary drill they fear!
  • Overly personal posts
    It’s perfectly fine to present yourself in an approachable manner, but keep the overall tone of your social media accounts professional and don’t divulge too many personal details.

Give Your Facebook Page a Boost Today

Try some of these social media content ideas on your practice Facebook page over the coming weeks.

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