Facebook Advertising for Dentists: Is it Worth it?

Marcus Biggs

By Marcus Biggs

Published May 19, 2016
Updated February 15, 2024

2 min read

Facebook for dentistsA while back, Facebook made an algorithm change that resulted in a sharp drop in organic reach. Your posts used to be much more visible to your followers. Building a Facebook marketing budget wasn’t even a consideration. Now your posts are no longer a natural part of your patients’ newsfeeds.

This dramatic shift was met with frustration, followed by a realization that the only “fix” was to start paying for exposure. Facebook quickly turned from a “free to play” platform into a “pay to play” platform.

So is Facebook still a viable option for getting new patients from the Internet?


Why You Should Consider Dental Facebook Advertising

Facebook is an excellent tool for improving patient retention and stimulating referrals. First, a large Facebook following sends a positive signal to prospective patients. As Facebook marketing expert Dr. Anissa Holmes explains:

Building your Facebook likes will build social proof. Once people come to your page and they see that you have thousands of fans, they think, "Ok, this practice is doing something right." and then they want to know more!

Second, consistent posts to your page keep your practice top of mind. But if you want your page to be a new patient generation tool, you’ll have to treat it as a paid advertising channel.

So what makes Facebook advertising for dentists so special?

  • Targeted ads: Facebook has many options to target your ideal patients. You can segment by interests, behaviors, and a number of demographic options.
  • Receptive audience: Facebook integrates advertising in a way that it is not too intrusive to users. People have been trained to be receptive to Facebook ads, as the ads naturally appear in their newsfeeds.
  • Options: Depending on your goals, Facebook provides several advertising options. You can promote your page to gain followers, promote posts to reach prospective patients, and promote posts to engage existing patients.
  • Affordability: Facebook is very cost-effective compared to other advertising channels. In fact, the industry average is a mere $0.27 per click.

Conserve Your Budget By Optimizing

While Facebook advertising can generate new patients, success is not guaranteed. The distinguishing factor lies with how well your ads are optimized.

Sure, Facebook has a massive audience. Over 70% of online adults use the platform. But this isn’t necessarily a positive. You have to narrow down the audience so you are targeting the right people – that is, prospective patients living within 20 miles of your office.

Your ads must stand out from the crowd. The perfect formula for reaching your new patient goals is creativity and data testing. This means ensuring your ads are relevant, visually appealing, and they encourage users to engage.

In addition, your Facebook campaigns should integrate with your overarching dental marketing strategy. Your campaigns should work in harmony with your website. For instance, the website pages you build for your ads must be relevant and compelling. It’s not just about getting users to click, but getting them to convert after they click.

Creating an effective Facebook ad campaign requires ongoing work. As you attempt different strategies, you’ll want to improve your campaigns by testing and tweaking your ads. If done right, you can start attracting a stream of new patients to your practice.


The flexibility of Facebook makes it one of the best advertising options available for dental practices. See how Smile Marketing optimizes Facebook ad campaigns that convert your ideal patients.