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SEO for Dentists Simplified

Many SEO consultants would like you to believe that dental website SEO is some high art; a secret society with special handshakes and insider information. That may help them extract their high fees, but how to properly optimize a website is well known. In fact, Google would rather see attempts to “game” their algorithm disappear, taking a dim view of aggressive overtures.

At Smile Marketing, our SEO specialists optimize your dental practice website and your overall online presence using local SEO best practices to make you findable online. Rest assured that we rely entirely on “white hat” techniques recommended by Google, assuring lasting value into the future as their algorithm continues to evolve.

Here’s how Smile Marketing delivers effective white hat SEO for dentists, included as part of our service based on the Service Plan you choose.

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Crowd of People

Dental SEO Marketing Starts With Great Content

Long gone are the days of keyword stuffing and metatag manipulations. Instead, Google and other search engines measure what website visitors actually do on your website.

These metrics are far more reliable indicators of a website’s authority than questionable link building techniques and other dubious overtures used by mercenary freelance SEO consultants.

Smile Marketing starts with high-quality, relevant content, presented in an easy-to-browse format that addresses the real-world concerns of prospective new patients.

Which Channels Actually Produce New Dental Patients?

Search engines aren’t the only source of new patient traffic!

The in-house Smile Marketing SEO department studies the tea leaves to see what channels are delivering website visitors that actually become new patients.

Directories – Essential directory listings improve your citation profile.

Review Sites – Our New Patient Tracker tells us which review sites to use.

Social Media – Cultivating Facebook and the rest can stimulate referrals.

We let the numbers do the talking. If a particular channel is performing, we go after more. Because there’s far more to Search Engine Optimization these days than fighting over the top three slots on Google. Remember, you want new patients not rankings, traffic or “hits.” That's why we offer proven ROI with our New Patient Tracker.

"We Used to Be At the Top…"

Dentist SEO

High search engine rankings for your dental website don’t automatically translate into new patients. This assumption has caused many dental practices to squander untold thousands. Remember, conversion is the key, not traffic.

Worse, this strategy often backfires.

Aggressive attempts at securing links from overseas websites, link farms, irrelevant blogs and other questionable sources have caused these overly-optimised websites to fall away in the rankings.

Now they have to spend even more time and money for “link pruning” services to undo hundreds of dubious links that produced an unnatural link profile.

The point? The in-house Smile Marketing SEO department is world class. You have a professional reputation to protect. And so do we. Our dental website SEO strategies stand the test of time, painstakingly pursuing quality traffic that converts into new patients.

dental website marketing

SEO for Dentists

Dental SEO Is Part of Our Website Service

SEO for dentists is a big conversation. Which we’d love to have with you when you contact us by phone or email. You can also learn more about our dental website SEO philosophy by reading about our "Dandiest Dentist" experiment.

Many of your questions, along with pricing details, can be answered by watching our 2-minute video.

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