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Dental Website Content that Produces New Patients

Randi Grant

By Randi Grant

Marketing Manager

Published October 1, 2020

2 min read

When a prospective new patient arrives at your Smile Marketing website, they want to know one thing: “Is this the dentist for me?” Our job is to help them say, “Yes!”

That starts with great content about you, your practice and your patient care philosophy.

Client Interview Results in Custom Dental Websites

Discount providers expect you to provide all the copy for your website. For most dentists and practice managers, that usually results in a major case of writer’s block. You’re a dentist, not a copywriter!

Instead, within days of signing up with Smile Marketing, we’ll arrange a convenient time to conduct our “Let’s Get Started” client interview. Our clients have come to love this innovative approach of gathering content for their website.

We’ll ask about your passion for dentistry.

What makes your practice unique?

What types of cases do you especially enjoy?

What other supplemental services do you provide?

The purpose is to understand you and your team. It’s actually a lot of fun. A recording of our conversation inspires our professional writing team to craft unique content for your website. The end result is a custom dental website unique to your practice versus a website with cookie-cutter content.

Converting Visitors Into New Patients

Writing for the web is different than writing a case study. Or even a patient brochure.

Besides faithfully capturing the essence of your practice, our writers are mindful of three key distinctions that make great dental websites:

1. Content that is browsable. People don’t read a website like they read a book. Instead, it’s more like reading a newspaper. (Remember those?) In fact, the software used to surf the Internet is called a “browser.” Long paragraphs are out. Extra words? Gone. Paragraphs must be short and broken up with subheads and bullet points.

2. Content that is engaging. With the promise of something more interesting just a click away, every word must be relevant. That means, “entering the conversation going on in the prospect’s mind.” Visitors to your practice website already know they need a dentist. They want reasons for choosing you!

3. Content that is persuasive. This isn’t a Wikipedia entry. Or a press release. This is about inspiring hope, reassurance and making you look great. Doing this in a professional way, while prompting the visitor to pick up the phone and become a patient is the essence of new patient conversion.

Focused on New Patients

As you can see, this isn’t for amateurs. That’s why we politely turn down the content that some clients bring to us from their existing, under-performing website. Since our single-minded purpose is to produce new patients, we want to start with a clean slate. We’ll maximize your new patient appeal using our proven processes.

Naturally, you’ll review our efforts and make any revisions before we publish it to your website. Add some great photography and you have a custom dental website and a new patient generating machine!