Dental Newsletter Service For Your Patients

Randi Grant

By Randi Grant

Marketing Manager

Published October 5, 2020
Updated August 30, 2023

3 min read

Today, any website worth having must include a dental newsletter for patients. Why? Because they work, engaging patients and creating top-of-mind awareness about you and your practice.

If you’ve ever tried to produce your own dental newsletters you know how hard they are to consistently research, write and send.

Smile Marketing does all that for you. In fact, for what you’d spend on a dental newsletter service personalized for your dental practice, you can get a newsletter and a new patient generating practice website.

Because Smile Marketing writers are patients rather than dentists, expect newsletter articles that are interesting and relevant to patients. The three articles in each issue come in a variety of flavors.

It’s always a fascinating mix, designed to educate patients, inspire better oral health and stimulate referrals.

Preview the most recent issues here.

Benefits of a Dental Practice Newsletter

1. Stay top-of-mind

Email marketing activities like newsletters help keep your name in front of patients. By sending patients an educational newsletter every month, you’ll remind them of the many ways you can help them. It’s a retention tool that will help encourage patients to come back to you, rather than a competitor.

2. Educate patients

People want the best for themselves and their families, particularly in the area of healthcare. Newsletters are a great way to provide patients the educational content they need to make good health decisions. Education-minded patients typically make better – and more proactive – decisions about their dental care.

3. Improve authority

Like blogging and social media, newsletters can reinforce your credibility and boost your authority. By sending messages relevant to your practice, you show patients that you are on the leading edge of dentistry and provide the best treatment options.

4. Encourage referrals

Newsletters have great “pass-along” value. Meaning, if your content is compelling enough, patients may be encouraged to pay the content forward. If a friend or family member is looking for a dentist, or they are experiencing a dental problem, your newsletter might be the driver of your next referral.

Essential Components of a Dental Patient Newsletter

Besides being practical and relevant to the typical dental patient, the most effective dental practice newsletters are mindful of these seven issues:

  1. Short Articles – With something more interesting just a click away, we keep each article short, averaging a mere 150 words.
  2. Photos – Every article is accompanied by a photograph. Not only are they eye-catching, great pictures improve communication.
  3. Readability – This is a function of sentence length, number of syllables per word and other criteria. Our professional writing team keeps it simple, but not simplistic, usually coming in at the highly readable 8th grade reading level. (Like this page.)
  4. Posted on Your Website – Newsletters for our clients are integrated with their website. This gives us greater styling control, plus it increases traffic to your website, improving your ranking with Google.
  5. Subject Lines – The email we send to your patients announcing and linking to your practice newsletter is competing with all the other emails in your patient’s inbox. Using a compelling subject line is essential.
  6. Easy to Share – These days your dental patient practice newsletter should be easy for patients to forward to a friend. And posted to your social media accounts. Smile Marketing does all this for you.
  7. Consistency – Like regular brushing and flossing, regular, consistent newsletters produce the best results. Smile Marketing takes care of researching, writing, publishing and promoting your patient newsletter for you.

A Printable Version For Your Front Desk

Each month we also provide a printable PDF version of your dental newsletter, personalized with your masthead and contact details. Perfect for distribution at the front desk or via snail mail for those patients for whom you don’t have email addresses.

As with all Smile Marketing newsletters, blog posts or patient-facing content that we create on your behalf, you’ll get an advanced preview copy. This gives you an opportunity to review and request modifications if necessary.

Just let us know and we’ll take care of everything.

Supplying relevant information to patients is a professional way to increase top-of-mind awareness about your practice, keep patients engaged and stimulate referrals. Whether delivered electronically or through the mail, besides having a practice website, a patient newsletter is one of the most essential practice marketing tools.


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