Top 3 Reasons to Use Branded Email Accounts for your Dental Practice

Marcus Biggs

By Marcus Biggs

Published September 25, 2015
Updated February 15, 2024

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Dental Email Marketing“Why can’t I use my AOL account to email patients?”

“I don’t want ANOTHER email account to manage.”

“What is a branded email address?”

If these questions or statements sound familiar, you’re not alone! We’re here to answer these common questions for you so that you can be one step closer to improving your email marketing efforts.

Let’s start by explaining what exactly a branded email account is. Simply put, it’s an email address that matches your website’s domain – it is something like “” as opposed to “”.

When it comes to email marketing for dentists, opting to communicate with patients using a branded email account versus a personal email address has its benefits. Below, we count down the top three reasons to consider ‘going branded’ with your dental practice email accounts.

#3. Reach Your Patients with Ease

It’s understandable to find an email account like Gmail or Yahoo convenient for your use—and we even agree—they make great personal email accounts! But keep in mind that using a personal email account for business purposes is only convenient for you—not the hundreds or even thousands of patients you communicate with each month.

In fact, sending mass emails like patient newsletters or birthday greetings from a personal email server can cause BIG technical issues. Why? Because free email accounts are not set up for mass communication. Doing so can cause your emails to end up in spam folders. This means that emails you’re sending may not even be reaching your patients.

#2. It’s Easier to Manage and Monitor

Contrary to popular belief, using one branded email server for your entire practice can prevent a lot of headaches. How? By having everything in one place, practice-wide. Each employee can have his or her own branded email address attached to your server. Separating work emails from personal accounts can also mean improved productivity.

How can you get a branded email account for your practice? If you aren’t working with a website service or marketing firm who handles this for you, you can set up accounts yourself through a domain service like GoDaddy.

Worried that you have too many email accounts? Most email platforms include a forwarding feature, which means multiple email accounts can be set up to forward to one account. This can help you and your office staff consolidate and keep track of everything more efficiently.

#1. It’s Professional and Cohesive

Last but not least, communicating with patients from a branded practice email account helps to establish professionalism and credibility. In fact, emailing patients from personal accounts can sometimes cause confusion, as it’s difficult to immediately place the email sender. But when the recipient sees an email from your web address, they know they can trust the sender.

Show your patients that you’ve invested in your practice as much as you’re invested in them by presenting cohesive branding that is consistent across all of your marketing efforts.

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