YouTube Dental Video Marketing

Randi Grant

By Randi Grant

Marketing Manager

Published April 14, 2015
Updated September 29, 2020

2 min read

If you don’t have a YouTube channel for your dental practice, you may want to consider it as another outlet for marketing your practice online. Your YouTube videos can send a great deal of traffic to your website from people who find them when searching YouTube or Google for a local dentist online.

A training, promotional, or educational video can be a great way to show potential new patients all about your practice, your philosophy, and the services you offer.

If you already have a video, great! Upload it to YouTube. If not, and if you have video editing skills, you can make your own, or hire a company to come shoot a professional practice video for you.

How to Get Started on YouTube

Getting started on YouTube is easy. Just a few simple steps and you’re ready to dive into dental video marketing!

Video Marketing for DentistsStep 1:
You can sign into YouTube using the Google account that you used to create your business’s Google Local listing. Your new YouTube channel will have the same name as your Google+ profile and these accounts will be connected, making it simple to keep track of and update these accounts.

Step 2:
When logged in, click on your username to access your channel manager. Now you’ll be able to begin customizing your channel.

Step 3:
Click “Add channel art” and you can upload a customized banner image. Then click on the pencil icon in the upper right corner of the banner and select “Edit links.” Add links to your dental practice website and other social media outlets.

Then, click on the About tab under the banner image and add a Channel description. Include details about your services and be sure to include the keyword “your location + dentist” to help your page be found by the right audience.

Step 4:
Now, upload your first video! Click “Upload” at the top of the page and upload the video from your computer. Give it a good descriptive title, “tag” it with descriptive keywords, and write a description to go along with it.

Now you’re officially on your way to getting new patients from dental video marketing!

Video Marketing May Be Just What Your Practice Needs

You may be missing out on new dental patients if you aren’t sharing your practice videos on YouTube. It’s a simple way to get your practice website more exposure and expand your reach to more local dental patients.