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Why You Should Create Videos for
Your Dental Facebook Marketing


Every day, Facebook videos receive 8 billion video views. Videos are an integral part of the Facebook experience and are increasingly being favored over other types of posts. Videos are an easy way to get emotional engagement from your audience to tell your practice's story.

In a recent survey, 45% of Facebook users expressed intent to consume even more Facebook videos in the future. So now is the time to start making videos for Facebook and engaging with your audience in a new way. Here are three reasons why you should incorporate video into your dental social media marketing today and how to get started.

Reason #1: People respond better to videos

Rather than clicking through to a landing page or reading loads of content, people can watch, respond, and share video content seamlessly within Facebook. Videos on social media generate 1200% more shares than text and image combined.

Reason #2: Facebook users love videos

500 million people watch Facebook videos every day. There are countless statistics we could provide on this topic. However, beyond the statistics, it's clear even through how Facebook is positioning itself as a content provider and which types of posts appear more often on your newsfeed. Video posts reign supreme in the Facebook algorithm – and for good reason.

Reason #3: Videos drive more organic traffic

On average, Facebook videos receive 135% more organic reach than photos. Because Facebook is favoring video posts in the news feed, more of your followers will see your video posts than your text or image posts. This organic reach increases your brand awareness to help with retention of your current patients and remind potential patients of your practice.

So you've been convinced and are ready to make some videos. But how does Facebook video fit into your overall dental social media marketing strategy and where do you start?

Fitting Facebook Videos Into Your Social Media Strategy

Videos can fit into your social media strategy at any point in your process – whether you're posting about a new special or showing what your office looks like. The versatility of video marketing is one of the key benefits.

Here are a few key tips for how to get started with creating Facebook videos.

Keep the Videos Simple

Facebook videos do not need to be overly-produced. The key to a successful Facebook video is not necessarily the production quality, but rather the story you tell and is the benefits to the viewer.

You could do a Facebook Live video on your cell phone, touring your office and introducing new staff members. Or you could try filming a selfie video with your phone talking about a new service your practice is offering or a special that you're running.

Facebook videos are most successful when they are authentic, relatable, useful, and entertaining.

Think about the context of Facebook… It's an informal, personable space where people go to connect with one another. Keep this in mind and don't let the idea of creating videos intimidate you.

Engage at the Start of the Video

Attention spans are short on Facebook. Start with something engaging from the very beginning of the video. You only have a few moments to catch people's attention when they are scrolling through their news feeds.

Resist the urge to start with your practice's logo. This information is already given in the post itself.

Start with something fun and engaging like,"Get your teeth Instagram ready with our new whitening services" or "Have you heard about our summer specials?". Or even something personal like why you became a dentist.

Keep it Short – Unless It's Facebook Live

Most of your video viewers on Facebook are on their phones in between events – maybe they're in a coffee shop, on a lunch break, or even just walking down the street. They don't have the time to consume a 3 to 5-minute video. A recent study shows that the ideal length of Facebook videos is under 2 minutes, with 60 to 90 second videos receiving the most engagement.

Facebook Live videos are the exception. The ideal length for these videos is between 18 and 20 minutes. Why? People simply expect longer videos when they're in a live format. Keep these expectations in mind when thinking through which video ideas are best for your practice.

Plan for Your Video to be Played Without Sound

hands-woman-laptop-notebookAlthough recently Facebook videos started automatically playing with sound, most users have either manually changed the setting to silence the videos or have the audio on their phones or computers turned off. In 2016, before this change, 85% of videos on Facebook were watched without sound – meaning that the viewer watched at least a portion of the video and purposefully did not turn the sound on.

So how do you create a video that can be watched with and without sound?

  1. Give a striking visual or message to catch their attention at the beginning
  2. Follow it up with text-heavy explanations throughout the remainder of the video

Always Include a Call-to-Action

Whether you want to engage with your followers in the comments or you're promoting a special, always give a call-to-action in both the text of the post and at the end of the video.

This call-to-action could be something as simple as "Tell us in the comments what your favorite flavor of ice cream is and how you heard about our practice". You could also include a link to your website in the text of the post to learn more about a new service. Then follow it up by mentioning in the video (with captions, of course) to click on the link in the post to find out more.

Don't miss this opportunity to engage with your followers and give them a next step beyond watching the video.

Creating videos for your dental Facebook marketing doesn't have to be complicated. Simply plan ahead and work it into your current social media marketing plan. This will help enhance your strategy to engage current patients and entice prospective patients.

If you're overwhelmed by the ever-changing social media marketing landscape, then schedule a free evaluation with one of our digital marketing experts. They'll review your current social presence and provide actionable tips to improve it.

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