Directory Listings Drive Quality Traffic to Your Site

Randi Grant

By Randi Grant

Marketing Manager

Published March 24, 2015
Updated November 9, 2023

1 min read

When looking to enhance your online presence as well as drive more quality traffic to your dental practice directories offer. Many of these sites offer free ‘basic’ listings and it can be a great way to get more visitors to your site who are actively seeking a new dentist.

Dental Directory Listings

If you are a member of a local or national dental association, society, or organization, make sure your practice is listed on their website. Also look into dental-specific organizations relating to your Alma Mater, dental specialty or certifications you’ve received that may have online directories and get your practice listed there as well!

Dental Directory ListingsHere are 2 other dental directories that you should consider adding your practice to:

America Smiles

  1. Go to AmericaSmiles.com
  2. Complete your profile and select “Create my account”

Smile Guide

  1. Go to smileguide.com
  2. Follow the instructions to create a listing

Health Directories

In addition to dental-specific directories, there are also many health-related directories online that offer free ‘basic’ listings for your dental practice. These can also drive a good amount of quality traffic to your website.


  1. Go to https://www.wellness.com/find/dentist
  2. Search your name/your practice name to see if you’re already listed and claim your listing, or click on “Add listing”
  3. Follow the directions to claim or complete your listing

General & Local Directory Listings

Once you have added your practice to the dental/health directories listed above, you may want to search for other directory sites that may be beneficial for your website’s SEO.

To find the best directories for your particular practice, perform the following three Google searches and note the directories that appear on the first 2 pages of results:

  1. Search #1: [Local Area] [State] Dentists, e.g. “Point Loma CA Dentists” (Point Loma is a suburb of San Diego)
  2. Search #2: [Wider Area] [State] Dentists, e.g. “San Diego CA Dentists”
  3. Search #3: [Local Area] [State] Business Directory, e.g. “Point Loma CA Business Directory” (Note: you might repeat this search with [Wide Area] too.)

Visit each of the directories that you note down and initiate the process to get listed.



These simple steps can have a big impact on the amount of traffic to your dental practice website, and if you get listed on dental, health, and local directories, the traffic is more likely to be qualified traffic from visitors in your area.