A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

Ellen Horton

By Ellen Horton

Published August 9, 2019
Updated September 30, 2020

1 min read


For years we’ve been urging clients to invest in great photography, especially of the doctor and the team. It adds authenticity to your site, telling patients, “I’m real and you can trust me.”

Sure, potential new patients aren’t arriving on your website actively looking for photos of you. But a picture speaks a thousand words and images convey the personality of a practice and the people who work there.

This isn’t just conjecture. For a study on business trust, the folks at BrightLocal sought out answers on the efficacy of professional photography. Surveying 4,000 people, the BrightLocal experts tested three different styles of websites:

  1. Sites that featured a photo of the business owner
  2. Sites that featured a generic product
  3. Sites with no photo or image at all

The question to answer was this: Are images a powerful trust factor on a local business website?

It’s no surprise that the sites with an image of the business owner scored highest in consumer trust, coming in at 46 percent. The generic office picture wasn’t as effective, coming in at a 33 percent trust level. Finally, sites without an image scored 21 percent.

Moral of the story: You are the product. Invest in high quality photography of you and your team. It is an integral part of converting website visitors into reception room new patients.

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