Four Reasons to Start a Dental Blog

Marcus Biggs

By Marcus Biggs

Published October 30, 2015
Updated February 15, 2024

2 min read

Is adding a blog to my dental practice website actually worth it? This is a question we hear quite often from medical professionals who are unaware of the many benefits of adding fresh, engaging content to their practice website.

20 years ago, the word “blog” didn’t exist. Fast-forward to 2015 and millions of people are reading blog posts every single day. But blogs aren’t just for sharing the newest diet trend or travel tips. In today’s age of instant information, blogs help improve your practice’s search visibility to bring in more new patients.

Consider these four important reasons to add a dental blog to your website.

Establish Credibility

Adding a blog to your website not only provides interesting content for potential patients to read, but it allows you to establish credibility.

Giving potential patients an inside look at your unique take on frequently asked questions, common patient concerns, or even the latest advancements in dentistry helps to establish you as an authority in the field. This just might convince them to choose you over your competitor.



Earn More Traffic

Has your website traffic hit a lull? Adding unique content to your website like a blog post doesn’t just help increase traffic, but also ensures that the right types of people are finding you online.

Search engines love to see new content added to a website consistently. It shows that you’re devoted to providing valuable information to your readers. This could help give your rankings a boost. And since your blog posts are on topics related to dentistry and oral health, local visitors who find the posts online through a search may be ideal new patients.



Strengthen Social Media Profiles

How does adding a blogroll to your website strengthen social media profiles like Facebook and Twitter? When you’ve published a blog to your website, you’ve got an outlet to share new and exciting content with your followers.

This helps you reach more potential new patients and stay in the minds of your current patients, all while driving more visitors to your website. It’s also a way to encourage others to share your new content (just make sure that your website has social sharing buttons!)



Improve Long Term Results

You might stop working around 6PM each day, but your blog continues to work around the clock. At any moment, a visitor could find your blog post and convert into a patient.

Blogs continue to drive traffic to your website long after the glow of a new post has worn off. Though it’s common to see an influx of traffic to your website immediately following a recently posted article, your blog post could eventually begin ranking in Google for related searches, bringing a steady flow of new traffic to your site.