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Why You Should Join a Facebook Group


Social media is a powerful marketing channel. It helps drive website traffic, build brand awareness, and stimulate patient referrals.

Facebook groups should be a part of your strategy.

Over the years, Facebook groups have grown in popularity. These communities help users get information from people outside their immediate social circle. Oftentimes, people join groups to get recommendations on services just like yours.

In effect, they can be a patient-generating machine.

Take note, it’s important to choose the right group. Make sure it is locally-focused, as members must be within commuting distance of your practice.

Your practice manager, a family member, or yourself can monitor activity and post when appropriate. When an opportunity surfaces, direct members to your Facebook page or website.

Some groups even have certain days of the week when businesses can post about their products or services. They might post contests, giveaways, or information about their offerings.

Keep in mind, many users will refer to your Facebook page before (or instead of) your practice website. Therefore, make sure your Facebook page has proper branding, accurate information, and an active feed.