Social Media Graphics for Dental Practices

Social Media Graphics for Dental Practices

10Social media is an extraordinary way to build patient community. People of all ages are socializing on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other platforms in staggering numbers. These social networks have become an integral part of your patients’ everyday lives.

Facebook alone has more than one billion active users, with more than 80% of American adults using the social network.

In establishing your social community, you’ll keep your dental practice top-of-mind throughout the year. In turn, this ongoing interaction can promote patient retention and boost patient referrals. The challenge is publishing insightful content that stimulates engagement from your followers.

That’s Where Smile Marketing Comes in

Through our social media for dentists service, you’ll gain access to fun and educational posts to publish on your social media profiles. The posts – graphics with corresponding text – are created to engage your followers, promote your services, and help you build your online community.

Every Thursday, we’ll send you an email with the password to login to the Smile Marketing social media content portal. There you will find the graphics, text posts, and bonus suggestions for the following week to help strengthen your social presence.


How is Your Social Presence Managed?

You manage your dental practice social media presence. And for good reason. To be effective, businesses must engage on social platforms in a human way. Think about it. That personal drive to improve your patients’ health is the lifeblood of your practice. Your interactions on social media should correspond to that ambition.

Over the years, we’ve found that the dentists with the most impactful social media presence are the ones who personally engage with their followers. We provide a constant stream of ideas — and you choose to post the ones that reflect your patient philosophy and will best create a sense of community.

To provide guidance on how to personalize your posts, we’ll send you post suggestions such as, “Share an interesting local news article” or “Post a photo of your staff ready for the weekend.” These suggestions are in addition to the text posts and graphics you will find in the Smile Marketing social media portal and adding personalized posts like these go a long way when it comes to engaging your patients.

Social Media Marketing for Dentists FAQs


  • Do dentists really get new patients from social media?
    They certainly can, but social media plays more of a supporting role in new patient acquisition. People research everything today, including healthcare practitioners, before making a decision, which means prospective new patients are checking out your website, social media presence, and online reviews. To make a good impression, you want your social media profiles to be up-to-date and active. It's also a great way to keep patient retention up and boost referrals.
  • Social media is time consuming. How do I find the time?
    It's true that maintaining an active social media presence is a commitment. We suggest appointing someone in your office who is tech-savvy to be in charge of your social profiles. When they get the email every Thursday with the following week's posts, they can schedule the posts ahead of time in Facebook directly or using a service like Buffer to schedule them on multiple social sites. Then have them check in a few times during the week to respond to any inquiries and engage with comments.
  • Which social media sites should I be on?
    The answer to this question really depends on your target demographic. Facebook tends to be used by people across most generations and we generally recommend having a Facebook business page because of its prevalence in the search engines and advertising options. Instagram is very popular for the under-40 crowd. Instagram is more visual, whereas Facebook is more content-heavy. Twitter is most suitable for news and brands sharing timely content. Take a look at the user demographics of the most popular platforms here to help you determine which ones your practice should be on.
  • What about reviews?
    Reviews are another important factor of social media. Facebook allows users to leave reviews on business pages, much like Google and Yelp. Consumers look to these reviews and star ratings to make decisions about businesses they're considering. It's called "social proof" and it plays a major role in how people interact with businesses today. Having an up-to-date, active Facebook page with 5-star reviews is going to positively support new patient generation.