Moving Your Practice?

Marcus Biggs

By Marcus Biggs

Published April 1, 2016
Updated February 15, 2024

1 min read

Google LocalIn the old days (a mere 10 years ago) moving your practice was mostly about choosing a location with a favorable lease, great drive-by traffic counts, some signage and sufficient parking.

While these issues are still important, today there’s one additional consideration that many ignore: Google. Because without considering Google it’s easy to inadvertently end up in what we call “No Man’s Land.”

What is No Man’s Land? It’s where the physical address of your practice is towards the outskirts of a fairly large city or town, but most of your patients from an adjoining town.

We call its no man’s land because Google’s algorithm seems to have difficulty differentiating between businesses near the city limits (and whose customers come from a different city name) and those within the heart of the city. This makes it virtually impossible (without pay-per-click advertising such as AdWords) to rank well for new patients just over the city limits of many jurisdictions.

Suggestion: Before you sign the lease, contact our support team so we can evaluate the search engine implications of your move! It can reveal the Google implications of your move before your commitment. And then when you move be sure to budget the work necessary for us to contact the data aggregators, update your practice citations and ensure you don’t lose your Google mojo.