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The Unique Challenge of Creating a Website For Dental Specialists

Dental specialist in crowd

We appreciate your unique approach to dentistry; actually we celebrate it!

A public-facing practice website for a general dentist has been essential for some time. However, today, a growing number of dental specialists are discovering they need adequate representation on the Internet as well.

Websites For Dental Specialists

In the past, cultivating relationships with referring dentists was all it took to fill your operatory with a constant stream of patients. Today, not only are those who practice general dentistry encroaching into your territory, but more and more patients are taking matters into their own hands, searching for a specialist online.

To be found by this growing constituency, you need a professional practice website that serves fellow professionals, as well as the general public.

Smile Marketing serves those who practice endodontics, oral surgery, orthodontics, periodontics and other specialties in three important ways:


Great content

Great Content About Your Practice

Our exclusive content interview insures that you and your practice are described with precision and accuracy. Our professional writing team transforms our 45-minute phone call into compelling content for your practice website.

Prospective patients get a better understanding of your advanced training, experience and a taste of your chairside personality. This reassurance prompts patients to choose you.

Blog posts that connect

Blog Posts That Connect

We extend our innovative interview technique to create unique blog posts that position you as the authority in your field. Periodic interviews are converted into must-read articles that inform and persuade patients or professionals.

There is no better way to build trust and rapport than regular blogging. Smile Marketing makes it easy. Even fun!

Targeted Emails

Targeted Emails to Both Constituencies

Our powerful email console allows you to "tag" your email list to distinguish between your two main customer groups. Send targeted emails to either patients or other dental professionals.

Alert area dentists about a recent blog post that we've made on your behalf. Remind patients of home-care procedures. All done-for-you to keep your operatory booked to the max.


Questions? Want more details? Contact a Smile Marketing representative today!