Valentine's Day Engagement

How to share the love with your patients

Your Valentine's Day communication bundle is ready and waiting to be shared with your patients!

Follow this helpful guide to learn what’s inside and how to get started.

1. Blogs

candy heartsIf you're an Essential or Premium client, there are two new Valentine's-themed blog posts waiting for you in your dashboard. These will not be published to your site unless you choose to make them live.

To make your new blog posts live, simply head to your Smile Marketing website dashboard and select WEBSITE >> BLOG POSTS. Find the draft posts titled “Win A Dinner With Your Valentine!” and "Show Your Teeth Some Love", edit as necessary, then click Publish on the posts to make them live.

These blogs each come with a corresponding Facebook / Instagram story post to help reach your followers and fans, which you can download here.


  • Giveaway Story (mp4)
  • Special Offer Story (mp4)

After you make the blogs live on your site, share the corresponding ‘story’ to your Facebook or Instagram pages—or both!

BONUS TIP: If you have an Instagram business profile, you can add a link to the blog post from your story so fans can “swipe up” to read it instantly.

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2. Social Posts

For Valentine's Day, post lighthearted, loving posts to engage your audience and promote your practice. Here are a few posts with corresponding images that are fun and fit the bill. They’ve been sized to look great on Facebook or Instagram.

VALENTINE’S GIVEAWAY! Let’s have some fun—this week, we’re running a special contest on our Facebook page. Simply guess the number of candies in the jar below—closest guess wins a $[GIFT CARD] to [PLACE].
RULES: Only one guess per person. If multiple guesses are correct, the first respondent with the correct answer wins.

Let those guesses start rolling in!


Show your teeth some #love! To celebrate Valentine’s Day, we’re offering a ‘lovely’ teeth whitening special—from [DATE] through [DATE], book a teeth whitening visit with us for just [$PRICE]. This also includes [CUSTOM TRAYS, TAKE HOME GEL, ETC].
Hurry, offer ends [DATE].

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3. Emails

It's been a hectic start to the year for many. Encourage your audience to treat themselves or someone they love by sending emails to promote your special offer and / or giveaway.

We've published two new email templates to your Email Center to get you started:

  1. Show Your Teeth Some Love! – Preview email template
  2. Guess and Win! – Preview email template

Login to your dashboard, click on "Email Center" and then "Create New Email." From the Templates drop-down menu you'll find the new templates available to review, edit and send. If you're a Premium client, your Digital Marketing Specialist will be happy to edit and schedule the emails for you.

Need Help? We’re Here

If you’re having trouble accessing this content or have questions, simply reach out to us with your questions.

We’re wishing you a healthy, happy Valentine's Day filled with love!