Proof That Your Website Is Producing New Patients

Your website comes equipped with full analytics and reporting. Our conversion and analytics team supplies proof that your website is returning your investment by producing new patients.

Our software tracks the online behavior of each website visitor. Later, when you add a new patient as a website subscriber, our software swings into action to connects the dots.

  • Did this patient visit the website before beginning care?
  • What traffic channel did they use to find your website?
  • What pages did the new patient visit and in what order?
  • What was the last page they visited before calling your office?

Intelligence like this reassures you that your Smile Marketing website investment is well spent.

By having someone from your office diligently add each new patient (regardless of their source) as a subscriber to your website, we’re able to confirm which SEO overtures and link building initiatives are producing the best results. No other website provider comes close to providing this level of transparency.


An Extraordinary Level of Accountability

Anytime you log in to your Smile Marketing dashboard you can see the real-time new patient performance metrics of your website.

If your current website host isn’t being this forthcoming, it’s probably because they can’t. Or they’re afraid to.

Smile Marketing offers this level of accountability—proving what works and what doesn’t. The results may surprise you. Especially if a costly design or endless SEO resources are being spent with little to show for it.

Granted, there’s more to your online presence than generating new patients.

We harness our analytics technology to monitor the online behaviors of established patients. Each month your private dashboard shows you how many hours of patient education your Smile Marketing website has delivered to current patients.

We measure time-on-page and other key engagement metrics. You’ll know that patients are interacting with your website, expanding their understanding, saving time, avoiding repetitious explanations, improving patient retention and stimulating referrals. All in a simple-to-understand graph.

Referrals: The Most Coveted New Patient

The software also can distinguish between a “stranger” new patient, who finds you from an online search, social media or review site, and someone who was referred.

Dental clients are often surprised to learn that about a third of all referrals visit their website first before commencing care. Long gone are the days that a gushing referral can seal the deal.

These days your website is a crucial part of attracting those who are new to the area and the most coveted referral patients.

Do you dare trust such an important responsibility to a web host who refuses to be transparent?

Do You Have An Under Performing Website?

Discover why these days, a cheap website is a false economy. In fact, if it’s under performing, it’s actually a waste of money, regardless of how little you’re spending.

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