New Patient Survey Email

New Patient Survey Provides Valuable Feedback

A highly appreciated feature of your Smile Marketing website is the first visit survey. When new patients are added as subscribers to your website, we send a welcome email to them on your behalf.

Besides the usual pleasantries, we include a link to your website and a quick survey about their first visit experience.

Patients Love the Opportunity to Comment

The questions are simple and the results are helpful. Patients provide feedback about their initial visit that can reveal areas that need improvement. Virtually every practice discovers areas in which they can refine processes, enhance communications and improve team effectiveness.

Not Great

While their experience is still fresh, the new patient survey is completed by a large majority of patients. They seem to like the simple questions and the online convenience.

Positive Reviews That Inspire Website Visitors

At the end of each survey, your newest practice member is offered the opportunity to share a brief “review” of their visit. These testimonials are overwhelmingly positive. They’re inspiring to read. It’s the kind of praise that engages your team and motivates them to even higher levels of customer service and production.

Depending on your plan and with permission from the patient, we publish the testimonials to your website. Not only is this a great source of new, unique content for your office website, it also reassures prospective new patients, contributing to the conversion process.

Plus, we provide convenient links to Yelp and other review sites for them to more widely share the good news about your practice.

Improved Patient Retention and More Referrals

Smile Marketing is consumed by the single-minded goal of producing new patients and profitably returning your online investment. Naturally, understanding what new patients love about your practice is a valuable piece of information. It improves patient retention and it fuels the referral process.

If your current website host treats your website like a piece of “digital art,” it’s time to upgrade to the Smile Marketing new patient dental website service. Do you know the difference between a website product and a website service? Watch our video that explains everything.

And then give us a ring and let’s get started!