Happy Valentine's Day

Celebrate With Your Patients

Your communication bundle for Valentine’s Day is ready and waiting to be shared. Follow this helpful guide to learn what’s inside and how to get started.

1. Blog

There is a new Valentine's Day themed blog post waiting for you in your dashboard. This will not be published to your site unless you choose to make it live.

To make your new blog post live, simply head to your website dashboard and select WEBSITE >> BLOG POSTS. Find the draft post titled 7 Ways to Show Your Smile Some Love This Valentine’s Day, then edit as necessary, click Publish on the post to make it live.

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2. Social Posts

For Valentine’s Day, share posts that celebrate love and happiness.

Here are three Valentine’s Day themed post ideas with corresponding images that match your blog and email content. Click on the images below to download them.

Psst—You can find and schedule the posts below directly from the “Get Social” library in dashboard.

BONUS TIP: Make the posts your own by filling in the blanks where indicated, or add your own personal thoughts to each.

1. This Valentine’s Day, think outside the box of chocolates when it comes to that perfect gift! Instead of sweet treats that pack on the pounds or flowers that will droop after a few days, purchase a gift card for [SERVICE: teeth whitening, checkup and clean, smile makeover] with us! The best part? All services with us are [% OFF] through [DATE]. Give us a call or stop by for full offer details!

2. Help your smile feel the love with a visit to the dentist! We wish you and your special someone a happy Valentine’s Day filled with love and joy!

3. Looking for a relaxing activity to unwind or keep your kids busy? We’ve got you covered. Print off our #ValentinesDay coloring pages to get in the spirit of the day–and be sure to share a picture of the finished product with us on our page!

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3. Emails

Below you’ll find four emails to help you celebrate with your patients.

These email templates have been published to your dashboard to get you started, and will not be sent unless you choose to send them:

1. Show Your Smile Some Love – Preview email template (see note below)

Please note: You will also want to publish the associated blog post before sending the email so the link within the email will work properly. Send yourself a test email to make sure the link to the post is working before sending to subscribers.

2. Give the Gift of a Brighter Smile This Valentine’s Day — Preview email template (editing required)

Editing required: There are parts of the email that need to be customized before sending. Send yourself a test email to make sure it’s correct before sending to subscribers.

Login to your dashboard, click on “Email Center” and then “Create New Email.” From the Templates drop-down menu you’ll find the new templates available to review, edit and send.

Your Digital Marketing Specialist will be happy to edit and schedule the emails for you too.

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4. Activity Pages

To engage your patients with a Valentine's Day contest, download these pages by clicking the image, then let the fun and creativity begin!

Need Help? We’re Here

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