Email Console to Reach Some or All of Your Patients

Email Symbol
Your Smile Marketing website links to a powerful email engine that allows you to send email broadcasts to one, some or all of your patients.

The possibilities are endless.

Your Own Internal Email Marketing

It all starts when your front desk team adds your next new patient as a subscriber to your Smile Marketing website. Besides capturing their name, email, birthdate and gender, each patient can be “tagged” with one or more sortable modifiers that you choose.

For example. Let’s say Mrs. Eunice Halsted has begun care in your practice. As a team member enters her into your website that evening, they can choose to tag Eunice with say, “dentures” because someday you may want to broadcast special email offers to all your patients who have dentures.

Create as many tags as you wish. Or none at all. Your choice.


Use Our Email Templates Or Create Your Own

Your email console also comes equipped with holiday email templates. Perhaps you’ll want to send an email overture to some or all of your patients at New Year’s resolution time. It’s a great way to stay in front of your patients.

Simply pull up the pre-installed template, edit as you see fit, save and send.

This form of internal marketing is efficient. If you avoid abusing the privilege of emailing your patient base, it can be a profitable way to cross sell or alert your patients of new products and services.

Even more helpful is our PS feature.

PS. Wish You Were Here

To avoid “email fatigue” by over-emailing your website subscriber list, you may want to add a short postscript to the emails we send patients on your behalf.

For example. At the bottom of the email in which we announce your latest eNewsletter to your patients you could add a short PS about a holiday closure, a new staff member or limited-time pricing on an elective procedure.

Fill in the start date you’d like the PS to be appended and the end date you’d like the message removed. Give your message a name so you can save it as a template and deploy it sometime in the future.


Your Smile Marketing email console is easily accessible when you log in to your dashboard. This level of integration saves time and makes internal marketing quick and easy.