Smile Marketing Website Pricing

Buying a practice website is a lot like choosing a dentist. Your front desk probably gets price shoppers all the time.

“How much is a routine checkup?”

The best answer is to explain that all dentists charge pretty much the same. Then, invite them to a complimentary consultation.

Same thing here.

That's why you're encouraged to schedule a Discovery Call. We’ll share the marketing possibilities based on your location, competition, new patient goals and of course pricing details.

You’ll find it consultative, respectful—even inspiring.

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The Temptation of Buying on Price

A common mistake is buying a website based on price. As if a website is a website is a website is a website. If it were true (it’s not), then you might as well get a cheap one! Understandable. But there’s far more to a website than its price. Price is what you pay. Value is what you get.

Low price means templated designs. Generic stock photography. Boilerplate content. Today’s consumers are savvy. They can’t put their finger on it, but they sense a lack of authenticity. Something doesn’t click. So they hit the back button to continue their search.

That makes a cheap website expensive. Looking for both low price and high performance? Not possible.

How to Buy a Practice Website

Securing a new dental practice website and entrusting your online reputation with another is a big decision. Wading through the competing claims, high-pressure sales and bloated features (that you’ll never use) can be challenging. Even overwhelming.

There are four ways to secure a practice website.

  2. If you love tinkering with technology, this might be the answer

  4. You’ll have a website but it’s likely to under-perform

  6. Expensive. It will lack the understanding of new patient behaviors

  8. The best value. Get a partner passionate about your success

If Smile Marketing isn’t a good fit we’ll refer you to a reputable company. Should your needs change, we’ll be here. It’s why many practices stay with Smile Marketing almost a decade!

Schedule a Discovery Call Today

Invest 30-minutes and get pricing information and your questions answered. See what it will be like to partner with a team of digital marketers who love dentistry and care about you and your success.