Performance Reporting
Essential for Your Dental Practice's Growth

In the fast-paced world of digital marketing, staying informed is staying ahead. That’s why our performance reporting has been designed to give you a clear picture of the health of your online presence and patient engagement.


Why Monitoring Your
Website’s Performance Matters

Stay Visible:

With our focus on SEO and rankings, we ensure your practice stands out in search results, attracting more potential patients to your website.

Engage Effectively:

We analyze how visitors interact with your site. Do they stay, explore, or leave quickly? Understanding this helps us refine their experience, encouraging better engagement and more appointments.

Convert Visits into Appointments:

It's not just about traffic; it's about turning visitors into patients. We track this conversion meticulously, aiming for continuous improvement.


Our Tailored Reporting Services


Access key data anytime via your website dashboard.

Instant Access:

For practices on our Essential Plan, the power of insight is still at your fingertips. Our Dashboard SEO Report provides a streamlined view of your website's performance.

Key Data:

Access critical information anytime, anywhere, understanding your SEO status, website traffic trends, and Google Business Profile engagement. It's simplicity paired with sophistication.

COMPREHENSIVE REPORTING (Premium & Ultimate Plans):

Includes online reporting portal access and a detailed monthly report emailed directly to you.

Comprehensive Insights:

Each month, receive a detailed report on SEO performance, website engagement, and conversion rates.

Google Business Profile:

We include data on your Google Business Profile performance (i.e. Google Map rankings) and reviews.

24/7 Portal Access:

Delve deeper into your data anytime with our online portal.

Expert Support:

Your dedicated Digital Marketing Specialist not only monitors your performance but also takes proactive steps for improvement and is always ready for a discussion.

Invest in Your Practice's Future

With our Performance Reporting, you get more than data; you get insights and actions that lead to real growth. You're not just observing your practice's journey; you're steering it. Let us show you how to transform your website from just another page on the internet to your most powerful tool for attracting new patients.