Dental Logo Gallery

Dental Logo Gallery

Add a dental logo to your masthead so your practice stands out from the crowd. Allow our graphic designers to customize your favorite practice logo from our design gallery to match your website colors and create a visual shorthand to attract the types of dental patients you enjoy serving.

Customized Dental Logos That Match Your Practice Profile

The table on the right shows dental logo concepts in the left column and examples of how the logos have been adapted to match individual dental practices to the right.

Here’s how it works: supply your practice details including your positioning statement/slogan (if you have one); select a dental logo concept from our gallery; select or custom-design a color scheme. That’s it! Our design team will get to work and have a dental logo design uniquely based on your preferences for you to review within days.

These dental logos offer a unique expression at a fraction of the cost of working with a local designer. A high-resolution version is also available for your business cards, brochures and signage at no extra cost. We charge a fixed fee (prices below) and offer 10% off if you sign up for Smile Marketing's website service.

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Pricing for Smile Marketing Clients
$995 $995 £795 $1495 $1495

(High-resolution version available by request at no charge!)

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