Patient Education That Patients Love

Your Smile Marketing website features state-of-the-art eLearning. This Socratic approach to patient education is engaging and produces the belief-changing critical thinking that a brochure or lecturing at patients can’t create.

Patient love these little bite-sized quizzes.

Interactivity That Increases Dental Patient Retention

This is true patient education. Besides being more effective, using your website to educate patients reduces the burden on you and your team, freeing everyone for more productive tasks.

Each module can be completed in 3-minutes or less.

When combined with a little humor and catchy graphics, patients look forward to their next online lesson.

Explore them for yourself. (Note: purposely answer them incorrectly. See how patients are respectfully coached to a more accurate understanding.)

Brushing 101 Dental e-Learning

Brushing 101
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Advanced Brushing Dental e-Learning

Advanced Brushing
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But I hate flossing e-Learning quiz

But I Hate Flossing!
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Dental Fun Facts Dental e-Learning

Dental Fun Facts!
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Child's Dental Health e-Learning Quiz

Your Child's Dental Health
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No Cavities for me Dental e-Learning

No Cavities for Me!
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Patients Rave About Their Experiences

As you add new patient subscribers to your website, they are invited to participate in your online patient education.

Patients are urged to leave a comment when they complete each module. Expect to get comments like these:

“I enjoyed the quizzes and I learned some things I didn’t know.”
“I was surprised by how many wrong answers I got, but it was a lot of fun.”
“I learned a lot. Love the cute illustrations. Thanks!”

When you get this type of feedback, you can be sure that something quite amazing has occurred. In the process, you’ve created a new referral ambassador for your practice—done during non-practice hours!