Dandiest Dentist

Dandiest Dentist Search!

If you are on the hunt for the dandiest dentist, you’re in luck!

What are we talking about? We’re actually making a point about search engine optimization (SEO).

If you haven’t yet, give it a go and enter “dandiest dentist” into your favorite search engine and you’ll see that this page is on page one, position one. It doesn’t get any better than that!

Dandiest Dentist

Do you want to rank #1 for dandiest dentist, or do you want new patients?

But being “on page one” of Google is, in itself, a meaningless marker. It is easy to rank on page 1 for just any keyword like “dandiest dentist,” but is anyone actually typing that into Google when looking for a new dentist?


So if your current SEO company is strictly reporting on keyword rankings, make sure you know specifically which keywords you are ranking for. Because we can get you to rank on page 1 for “dandiest dentist,” too, but it won’t get any new patients in your door.

Dental SEO for the Dandiest Dentists

In working with health professionals on new patient acquisition for well over a decade, we know all about keeping up with Google’s ever-changing and increasingly sophisticated algorithm.

The ultimate goal of search engine optimization is not to rank on page 1. Yes, you read that right. If that were the goal, we’d get your site to rank on page 1 for “dandiest dentist” and be on our way.

But that’s not what we’re after.

The ultimate goal of dental SEO is QUALIFIED NEW PATIENTS.

Generating New Patients

Dental Website SEO Qualified new patients are people who live or work within driving distance of your practice and are in need of a new dentist. Effective search engine optimization is about knowing this target audience and their search engine behaviors. Arbitrarily picking keywords you want to rank for doesn’t do you any good if your target audience doesn’t use those keywords when looking for a new dentist.

At Smile Marketing, we have studied the online behaviors of new patients around the globe and know that the key to website success is a combination of strategic SEO, a current web design, and, most importantly, high-quality persuasive content.