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Custom Dental Website Design

Custom Dental Website Design:
Balancing Art & Science

Your dental website design is the first thing visitors see. Naturally, everyone has an opinion about what makes a “good” design. Smile Marketing takes a practical approach to website design.

Great Dental Website Design Alone Doesn’t Produce New Patients!

Other dental website companies are fixated with design. Their initial high set up fee is revealing. They treat a website like a piece of “digital art.” They belabor the tiniest details that do little to actually convert website visitors into new patients.

This misplaced attention overlooks a simple fact: great dental websites alone don't produce new patients. Granted, poor design can turn away the best, most profitable patients. It is essential to study visitor behavior and design to the needs of potential new patients.

Check out our Smile Marketing dental websites design gallery.


Analyzing the Behaviors of New Patients

Our exclusive New Patient Tracker technology equips our dental web designers with the information they need to produce an online tool that maximizes new patient production. But that’s just the start.

We regularly study a “heat map” of our most popular website designs. By studying where visitors click, we’re able to optimize the online experience, improving conversion. That’s just the start. We study the size, color and location of buttons. We analyze the menu structure, layout and the elements that actually affect visitor engagement and conversion. This is where the science of dental website design comes in.

While other dental website companies are only too happy to find that special hue of blue for you, Smile Marketing is focused on delivering new patients.


Custom Dental Website Designs

The Purpose of Custom Dental Web Design

Your website design should advance the branding of your practice. It should reveal its tone and focus. It must be contemporary, inviting and well, gorgeous.

Design aesthetics, whether the color palette, font selection, use of photography and integrating your logo< are all part of the equation that our gifted designers use when creating your website.

But it must also load quickly, be mobile-friendly, and be optimized with Dental SEO. It must be easy for the visitor to navigate and get to the content they’re looking for.

In other words, does it convert website visitors into new patients?


Dental Website Designs That Earn Their Keep

Smile Marketing custom dental website designs hold their own. Even when compared to websites that cost thousands more. If your website has become an expense, rather than a practice marketing tool, we’d like to partner with you.

Creating a partnership that lasts year after year because your website is earning its keep is far more important than a short-lived opportunity for self-expression. Review our most recent dental website designs and see what’s possible.