Every Business Has a Culture.
Here's Ours.

A company's culture is defined by a set of shared values, attitudes and goals. These guide our relationship with you – and amongst ourselves.

This is especially important since ours is a distributed work force. Which is a fancy way of saying that we all work from our home offices. And have since 2006.

Today, the Smile Marketing team resides in nine different countries and 10 different time zones. It's a closely knit team held together by a shared mindset.

remote coworkers

Why Culture Matters

What does culture have to do with your website and its ability to generate new patients? Lots.

Because unlike buying a product, managing your online reputation is an ongoing process. You want a website partner who can go the distance. Who you can trust with your most valuable asset: your reputation.

A partner who will take on the responsibility to cheerfully…

Culture influences the spirit in which these and other ongoing obligations are performed on your behalf.


Who We Seek to Be

Here are some of the principles we attempt to live out in our service to you and each other. We don't always hit the mark, but it's our aim to embody these values:

TRUST – Tell the truth. Even if it's inconvenient or puts us in a less-than-ideal light. Do what you say you're going to do. Be open and available during difficult conversations.

GROWTH – We're committed to personal and practice development. We seek to become the best version of ourselves. As we grow, our clients grow. Growth is a sign of life.

LEADERSHIP – We enroll others and support them in their pursuit of greater achievement. We use our influence and resources to create the hope of a better tomorrow.


SERVICE – Serving others is amongst the highest callings. It's a way of adding value to others. We see service as an act of love.

REMARKABILITY – We aim to meet or exceed expectations, which begins by first “owning” our customer’s problem. Whenever possible, we under promise, but attempt to over deliver.

LEGACY – We make decisions and take action based on their long-term, eternal significance. We look for win/win solutions. We endeavor to create meaningful relationships.

GOLDEN RULE – We're mindful of this universal principle in everything we say and do. We strive to extend respect, dignity and grace by loving our neighbor.


Partner with a team of passionate dental marketing experts, fanatical about your online success. We hope to be a valued collaborator and trusted extension of your practice.

When may we begin?

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