The Five Factors of
Digital Marketing Success

Over the years, we’ve studied the needs, questions, and preferences of over a million health care patients. Knowing how dental patients behave online has given us insight into what it takes to turn website visitors into new patients.

With more than a decade of experience managing the online presence for thousands of dentists, we've discovered that the following five digital marketing factors are essential to to create strategies for breakthrough practice growth.

High-Converting Website

Your website is typically the first thing prospective patients see. Therefore, it’s your most powerful marketing asset.

Copywriting, photography, design… new patient conversion depends on these factors. Your website must take patients down a journey, a path that is scripted to turn casual visitors into loyal new patients. We take the pivotal step of monitoring user behavior and optimizing accordingly.


Website Traffic

Website traffic typically comes in two forms: Organic traffic and paid traffic.

Organic traffic is earned from SEO (search engine optimization) to improve your website authority and increase your Google rankings.

Paid traffic involves Google Ads and Facebook Ad campaigns to extend your reach and expedite new patient growth.


Email Marketing

Email generates better ROI than nearly any other marketing channel. It’s a medium used to educate, up-sell, and cross-sell – and it’s controlled by you, not a search engine or social media platform.

E-newsletters, birthday greetings, and targeted campaigns help you stay connected to current patients while improving retention, referrals, and reactivations.


5-Star Reviews

Online reviews on Google, Yelp, and other sites provide social proof. Managing your online reputation, by encouraging positive reviews and responding to negative reviews, shows your commitment to patient care.

Our automated reputation management system works on your behalf to generate 5-star feedback on the most popular review sites.


Social Media Management

An active social media presence builds patient community and aids new patient conversion. The right mix of posts keeps patients engaged with your practice and encourages more patient appointments.

Our social media content offers the assets and best practices required to build an engaging social presence.