Happy Birthday! How’s Your Health?

CTA-dme-v1[300x300]Birthdays are one of two times each year that we tend to think about our health. (The other? New Year’s resolution time.) Your Smile Marketing new patient website service will make sure your patients give some thought to their oral health.

Each year on their birthday, we’ll send them a greeting on your behalf. Automatically. Like clockwork. Without you having to lift a finger.

It’s a personal gesture that patients appreciate. Especially as they get older. One elderly patient recently observed…

It was the only birthday notice I got this year.”

Birthday greetings, along with the regular patient newsletters contribute to what marketing experts refer to as “top of mind awareness.” Which is just a fancy term that describes the technique of regularly reminding patients that you’re thinking about them—so they will think about you.

Save time and money by allowing Smile Marketing to automatically email your patients on their birthday. Check out a sample of this year’s greeting.