YouTube Channel Optimisation Tips

If you’re taking the time to create video content then its worthwhile to take the time to set up your YouTube channel correctly.

Here are somethings to look out for.


1- What Google account should I use to create my channel?

Technically any Google account can be used, however for ease of access we recommend creating the channel with the Google account you currently use to access Google My Business or Google Analytics.

In this way you keep everything under the one account, which is how Google accounts are meant to be used.

2. What should I name my channel?

Use the practice name exactly as it is not an alternative of it. For example if your business name is “North Sydney Chiropractic Health Centre” don’t name your channel “North Sydney Chiro.”

Much like your Facebook page ensure you use the correct logo on your channel so it matches with your website.


1. How long should my videos be?

Youtube is looking for high quality, longer content.

Videos that are at least five minutes in length tend to perform better and have a higher chance of ranking in Google searches.

Most importantly the video content should of interest to your patients, questions they ask or things you often have to demonstrate. The way you speak on video should be the same way you would speak to a client in person.

2. What title should I use for my video?

A video title is your headline, so it needs to capture people’s attention, but you also want to consider what you want the video to rank for.

Make sure your video title is at least five words long and includes the keyword that you want to rank for.

3. What’s a video thumbnail?

Video thumbnails let viewers see a quick snapshot of your video as they browse YouTube. After your video is finished uploading, you can choose a thumbnail from the three options YouTube automatically generates, or upload your own.

Make sure it is attractive and gives users a hint as to the subject of the video.

pick a youtube thumbnail image