New Feature Coming: Email Scheduling

Brian Koenig

By Brian Koenig

Published December 1, 2016
Updated September 30, 2020

2 min read

webinsite-featuredThe new year will usher in several new features to the Smile Marketing website service. Among those features is an exciting update to the email console.

You will soon be able to schedule emails to your patients.

  • Have a new staff member who’s starting next month?
  • Have an upcoming special you’d like to promote?
  • Have an event you’d like to remind patients of a few days before it starts?

Email scheduling offers numerous benefits. You can set up a campaign in advance, so it doesn’t get lost through the cracks. Or, if you have an email campaign you’d like sent out in certain intervals, you can schedule all of the messages at once.

Stay tuned for an update on when the new email console feature goes live.


Tips For the Holidays and Beyond

Holiday hoursDo you have different office hours for the holidays? Be sure to let current and prospective patients know by updating your office hours wherever they may be seen online.

Google My Business allows you to create special hours for certain days. If you’re already a Smile Marketing client, and you have specific holiday hours, we can modify your Google listing for you.

Also, be sure to update your hours on your practice website. Lastly, it doesn’t hurt to let patients know of your holiday hours via email and your social media pages.

New Year’s is a time of the year that people tend to think about their health. After all, it’s a new beginning. A time to start over.

People renew their gym memberships. They go on diets. The list goes on.

Will you see an uptick in patient appointments?

Send an email to patients reminding them of their New Year’s resolutions and how better oral health should be a part of their plan.

Standard and Premium Service Smile Marketing clients have holiday emails sent out on their behalf.


Are Your Social Posts Controversial?

question-markControversy can be a great way to intrigue and engage patients, especially if you are offering a new, innovative way of doing things. But most forms of controversy can be damaging to your practice.

Discussing polarizing issues that aren’t relevant to your practice is a good way to split your following and, possibly, turn many of your followers against you. Sure, it’s difficult not to be vocal about the things you are passionate about.

  • Want to vent your frustration about an elected official?
  • Want to criticize people who are skeptical about fluoride?
  • Want to post something controversial about mercury?

You might steer clear of such topics. After all, you could be isolating a good portion of your patient roster. The best advice is to advance or praise what you like and avoid slamming people or things that you don’t.

Be for, not against.

Consider this: If the purpose isn’t to build your patient community, you might avoid the topic altogether.